Welcome To The Asian American Store Owners Association

Who can become a member?

Each Store within South Carolina.

How to become a member?

Visit Singup to start the process of becoming a member.

What is a preferred vendor?

A vendor that has partnered with AASOA of SC to exclusively provide discounted products and services to AASOA of SC members

What financial gains do Board Members receive for their part?

None! Not only do Board Members not receive any financial gains, but they are volunteering their time and knowledge to the AASOA.

How does a member get benefits from a preferred vendor?

Each member will receive a Certificate of Membership which can be used to show preferred vendors proof of Membership and obtain the benefits.

How many memberships can I get?

The number of memberships is limitless. Each C-Store can register as an AASOA of SC Member.

How do I stay connected with other members?

Members will not only be able to stay connected with the AASOA of SC Board and Members through FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, but also through an exclusive WhatsApp group dedicated to C-Store and AASOA of SC discussions. Please visit the Home Page to find social media links on the top right corner.

Besides preferred vendor benefits, what else does AASOA of SC offer?

AASOA of SC holds multiple events throughout the year for Members, their family members, sponsors, and vendors to attend. These events provide the opportunity to network, learn more about the Store industry and discuss important topics.

How can I contact AASOA of SC?

Please visit the Home Page and visit the Contact Us page at the bottom.

Does AASOA of SC hold educational seminars?

Yes! The AASOA aims to hold quarterly seminars which include tax and legal related information.